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Rolling with the punches »

The industry has taken a beating in recent years, but analysts are impressed with major players’ ability to bounce back and keep fighting.

Sea change »

June’s east coast storms offered a stark insight into the risks of coastal living, and the future under global warming.

Gaining ground »

Allianz Australia’s broker chief David Hosking outlines the insurer’s strategy to catch the market leaders.

Premiums under pressure»

Australia and New Zealand were global laggards last year and there is no respite in sight, a new report shows.

The little kiwi that could – and does »

Meet CBL, an insurer that rules its global niche from Auckland and sees plenty of opportunity in Australia.

The secret life of Western Pacific»

The remarkable story behind the birth, growth and sudden death of New Zealand insurer Western Pacific, a company with a huge exposure in Australia.

Bringing on the shakes »

The arguments around fracking and pollution are well worn, but in the US a new threat has been linked with the controversial process. In Australia, the risks are different.

Hover bother »

When new technology clashes with the desire for a fast buck, lives and property are at risk.

Culture club »

A unique working environment is central to the McLar–dy McShane success story.

Closing the gap »

Insurance companies are backing up words with actions on indigenous employment.

The blockchain gang »

Distributed ledger technology could revolutionise the way the industry operates.

Time to get moving »

A new report suggests insurers in Australia and around the world are still struggling to align their transformation strategies with new business realities.

Starving to death »

The National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council has done a great deal to tackle car crime, but now it faces a fight to survive.


End of the road? »

Transport operators’ consignment notes promising only ‘all care, no responsibility’ for small business are about to become history.


SME support »

Vero launches an online tutorial for brokers.

Two into one goes »

Shieldcover rebrands as Ryno under a ‘more products, one brand’ strategy.

Sura expands menu »

Small contractors embrace new product.

BHSI builds »

New products signal entry into the cyber and A&H markets.

Filling a niche need »

Dual expands in specialty consumer products.


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