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Newsmakers »

Losing interest »

Insurers are grappling with a ‘new normal’ as benchmark rates and investment earnings stay low. 

Under siege »

The annual Pendulum report tells a now-familiar tale of an industry struggling against multiple foes.

The client is still Number 1 »

JLT’s Dominic Burke has grown the company by emphasising the basics of broking.

Still going strong » 

The close relationship between SMEs and insurance brokers prevails despite a plethora of digital distractions, according to the latest research.

Diversity: the changing face of insurance »

Meet a leader who believes waiting for change across the industry isn’t as good as making it happen now.

Capital punishment »

The global industry is taking hits on all sides, but our trillionaire investors aren’t being scared.

Space invaders »

As astronomers identify more asteroids on potential collision courses with Earth, it pays to keep an eye on the skies.

Smart investment »

He was untried and untested, but Warren Buffett’s belief in Ajit Jain has paid off for Berkshire Hathaway.

Standard-bearer »

ACORD chief Bill Pieroni says stronger communication can help the insurance industry survive and thrive.

Group mentality »

New Zealand’s broking market is undergoing rapid change as independents cluster within larger organisations.

Going global »

Multinational insurance programs are taking off, says AIG’s Tony McHarg.

Portfolios in a storm »

Amid tight regulations and economic uncertainty, there is no easy solution to insurers’ investment malaise.

Chop and change »

Vero’s risk advice pays off for a timber firm.


Cloud-based Evolution »

Ebix Australia debuts its new broking system.

Zurich shows DigitalResolve »

24/7 hotline for cyber hacks.

Local upgrade »

Chubb boosts mobile P&E offering.

New capacity, new name »

Fleetsure scales new heights.

CHU goes digital »

New arm plants flag in insurtech sphere.


Easing the transition to retirement »

Mature-age workers are too valuable to just ‘let go’. Strategies that benefit them and the company are increasingly important.

Wotton + Kearney goes an extra mile for African charity »
McLardy McShane gathers deep in the country »
Rising stars, bigwigs share spotlight at AILA event»
Wonderful winter, the way they do it in Germany »
APIG conference draws a crowd »
Adelaide expo takes centre stage »
Trivia but not trivial: YIPs show brainpower »
PSC Connect celebrates in Auckland »
Big hearts on show at Quill Club’s annual charity luncheon »
Work and play mix as Queensland brokers gather »
Heading to the Bledisloe Cup in style »
Resilium revs up at resort »
Cocktails close remarkable Dive In festival »

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