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insuranceNEWS (the magazine) is a “must-read” for the wide range of professionals who work in and around the industry.

Advertisers want the biggest possible audience, and we give them that by providing a publication people want to read. And like its online sister, insuranceNEWS (the magazine) is free to subscribers. Working together, they provide a powerful and flexible combination for advertisers.

While the information we collect from subscribers is minimal, we do know that risk insurance intermediaries in Australia – brokers, authorised representatives and an increasing number of financial planners – get their news and information from

Similarly, all industry leaders – CEOs and other top executives, as well as middle managers and the managers of tomorrow – are subscribers.

Our key audience is made up professionals on high incomes. Research over the next year will allow us to provide greater knowledge of our audience.

If you would like to discuss how insuranceNEWS could help you increase your company’s profile or promote a product, please contact us.

Advertising Deadlines


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February-March 2017

January 6

January 20

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March 24

June-July 2017

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May 26

August-September 2017

July 7

July 21

October-November 2017

September 9

September 22

December 2017-January 2018

November 10

November 24

Note: No cancellations accepted after the booking deadline