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insuranceNEWS (the magazine) is the full-colour print relation of, the Australian risk insurance sector’s most-read weekly online publication. new publication that brings together all the various arms of the risk insurance industry in Australia and New Zealand.

The bimonthly magazine was intended from its launch issue in October 2009 to take a new approach to “trade” publications by presenting industry-related issues and events through excellent journalism and sharp graphic design.

Since then the publication has grown to become a popular source of information, opinion and ideas, reflecting the dynamic personality of the risk insurance industry in Australia and New Zealand.

Insurance News (the magazine) is written by a team of experienced financial journalists and expert contributors.

Insurance News (the magazine) is mailed free of charge to subscribers in Australia (overseas readers are required to pay the postage), and has become essential reading for the different professions that make up the fast-moving risk insurance business.

Our brief is a wide one: to explain the background of major issues involving insurance, and to cover such industry-specific areas as legal developments, products and services, risk management, technical, and legislative and regulatory impacts.

A major focus for us is the emerging generation of managers and leaders who will carry the industry through to a professional future.

We’re always enthusiastic about news tips and contributed information and relevant material that includes speeches, celebrations, new products… anything that would interest our readers.

Analytical and informed contributions are always welcome – but be aware we don’t pay for articles we haven’t commissioned. To discuss your plans, please contact us.